23 July 2014

Restaurant Review: Maxine's on Main

Randon and I both ordered the Eggs Benedict last Sunday for brunch at Maxine's and it was really, really good. After seeing this on the menu, there was no way we were not going to order the eggs benny: 2 poached eggs, pan de mie, bacon, ramp hollandaise, pickled ramps.

It was salty and delicious. The pickled ramps (wild leeks) had the best garlic-onion flavor. Probably there were enough ramps on the plate for most people, but adding more to the dish would have been just fine with me. Yum. A bottle of the Cava and fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon rolls made it a well-rounded meal (in matters of taste, of course) and a perfect Sunday happening.

21 July 2014

Weekend Happenings

We stopped in the new Running Central location after the Riverfront Farmers' Market on Saturday. It looks awesome. We aren't sure if people will really use the lounge furniture placed throughout the space, but it looks cool, nonetheless. The architects and designers did a fantastic job. This is one Peoria space that I don't feel was half-assed.
Taking selfies in the Running Central men's dressing room  because, this rug.
Coasting the entire ride from our house to the riverfront is super fun. The ride home, back up the hill, with a basket full of fresh produce - not so fun. But alas, completely worth it.
The Farmers' Market was packed with people this weekend. We ran into my parents and had a Bloody Mary/coffee break before heading back up the hill. Martini's had a 10-minute long line for drinks, but we assume that isn't typical and due to the 5k that was happening downtown.
Randon won this collab painting by Keith Wilson and Jonathan Gonzalez in a raffle last weekend at The Art Garage. We picked-up the finish piece on Saturday and added to our local art collection.
Burger night with our farmers' market produce
#ootd for a birthday brunch at Maxine's on Main. Keep an eye out for a restaurant review later this week!

16 July 2014

Neighborhood Clean-Up

We like to look at pretty things. This is why we were standing on bar stools (we eventually got a ladder) covering the ugly remains of a telephone booth that can't be removed with jute. That and because we like to help keep our neighborhood a clean place to hang-out. And because our neighbors are really cool people and also care about bettering Renaissance Park. Yeah.

14 July 2014

Renaissance Park Community Garden

Yesterday, we rode our bikes to the community garden and picked different greens, peppers, chives, and herbs for today's salad. How great is that? The Renaissance Park Community Association maintains the garden and encourages our neighbors to harvest its goodness. The tomatoes are almost ready and we found one tiny ripe strawberry for a post-harvest bittersweet bite.