23 April 2014

Harmony, MN

We found a little bit of Peoria in Harmony, Minnesota last weekend. It was a quick trip with family to celebrate my great-grandfather's 100 years of life. We laughed, we cried, we went antiquing. It was good.

Joseph Greenhut, the whiskey baron who built the mansion on the corner of High Street and Sheridan - now a shameful and unrecognizable apartment building (we wrote about it here) - sold his distillery, which was known as the largest distillery in the world, to Hiram Walker in 1933. ADM then took it over in 1982. Legend has it there is still whiskey aging in barrels somewhere within the Washington Street warehouses. I was tempted to buy this bottle, but we have run out of bar-ware space as it is after all of our wedding showers. (A good thing!)

Discovering this beer stein in Minnesota was neat because not only is it Peoria history, but it is something specific to the West Bluff. Did you guys know the iconic Jumer's black bear is actually a nine-foot polar bear that D. James Jumer shot in Russia? He had it stuffed and dyed black to be stationed in front of the lodge's bar, The Black Bear Lounge. Today, the bear guards the entrance of Thirty-Thirty Coffee Co. in the Anheuser-Busch building.

We went home sans anything Peoria, but we did score the remaining brass candlestick holders we needed for our wedding, which made our trip to the Harmony Antique Mall a very welcomed success!

22 April 2014

Tech Tuesday - Adobe Kuler

What it does: Kuler is a color theme generating app (web and mobile) from Adobe. Kuler allows the user to generate color themes manually from scratch, by using the camera on a mobile device, or even uploading an existing photo from the photo library. Kuler is great for designers and fashionistas, or just the average person looking for some other decoration inspiration than a Lowe's warehouse.
How often we use it: Abby uses it more than I do, and for different reasons. She is a designer and has a myriad of practical applications. I use it for style purposes mostly, and sometimes for good old fashioned inspiration. This time of year is great for capturing nature's beautiful color combinations.

Best features: Kuler syncs in the cloud to other Adobe programs like Illustrator, which is great for web designers and graphic designers. Kuler also lets the user store and tag themes, as well as tweak them using the color wheel to get that perfect theme.


Developed by: Adobe

What it costs: Free in the App Store

16 April 2014

Ev-en-ing Tea

Hannah and Peter have taken to crafting tea and we are quite happy about it. We recently acquired three of the four varieties from their shop, which focuses on health benefits and promotes the holistic awareness of organic healing. Their experimentation with natural taste leads to creative blends infusing cups that don't require honey or milk. You'll want to drink this tea in its purest form.

Balmy Bloom was a fresh afternoon treat for Sunday's gloomy weather as we hung out inside, finishing up a few wedding tasks. The ingredients color the water a deep magenta and create a floral aroma. When I saw that this blend included elderberry, I was immediately convinced I would be a fan because I love St. Germain (I'm your girl for anything Elder), and I was right. If you're interested in trying one of the Evening Teas but aren't sure which blend to order, I would recommend Balmy Bloom - maybe its floral qualities will entice Spring to show it's face a bit more.

Slumberland is amazingly calming and will help your mind and body get the rest it needs after a busy or stressful day. We suggest having a cup while you wind down with an episode of House of Cards or Mad Men (Season 6 is now on Netflix, you guys!). I would bet your eyes will be fighting you by the time the episode comes to a close.

I am most excited to have the Stomach Be Still loose-leaf blend around the house. Whether you use it for preemptive measures or to sooth your digestive system after a big meal, this tea offers a fresh flavor to calm your stomach. I think I'll side with Hannah and say this is my favorite of the bunch.

Visit the Evening Tea shop by May 1st to get 15% off your order with the code CASHLESSCLASS. Rumor has it a loose-leaf flight is being introduced today. Top the sampler pack off with a playful tea infuser and we think it'd make a perfect Mother's Day gift!

It should be noted that we transferred all of the blends into our own tea tins. EveningTeas ships all loose-leaf orders in 100% recycled, compostable bags. Each bag makes roughly 35 cups of tea.

photo courtesy of Evening Tea