24 September 2014

September 27th Events

You guys, so many things are happening this Saturday. September 27th is a day for Movers and Shakers. There's a good chance you'll spot us at one or five of these places between a couple of family events. We hope to see you out and about!

8am - 12pm

2320 West Moss Ave, 9am - 3pm

Free admission with this ticket

Riverfront, 10am - 5pm
(also Sunday from 10-5)

Grand opening at 1pm

10 September 2014

Food 4 All Day

A coworker has asked me to share this flyer and I was happy to do it. She's a great lady (who threw me a great bridal shower) and this is a worthy cause. Mayer Ardis even deemed September 20th as Food 4 All Day in Peoria at last night's City Council meeting. If you are interested in volunteering, there is a link below!

Volunteer here!

05 September 2014

Here We Are

Randon and I are still here, although we may not be here as often (or at all, it seems). We're putting our energies into some other very important ventures at the moment. You can always catch us on your various feeds and around town where art, the West Bluff, or cocktails are concerned.

Happy Friday, friends.


05 August 2014

Peoria Better Block at Main St. and Sheridan

We took part in some rapid urban development on Saturday with other collaborators from The Whiskey City Collaborative (and A LOT of generous neighborhood friends) to explore the creation of active street life at the Main St. and Sheridan intersection. We placed cafe tables and trees (Thanks, Hoerr Nursery!) in the street, chalked-out bike lanes, taped-off mid-block crosswalks, and watched picnic goers enjoy live music in the community garden. The area was full of life - neighbors, families, visitors, pop up shops, live art - it was awesome.

Photo Credit: Maris Mednis
Someone asked when they could expect to see TWCC organize another Main & Sheridan Better Block event, but we're hoping to see elements of Saturday's project in the neighborhood permanently before that happens. We'd love if the empty storefronts were filled with entrepreneurs like John Cowan, the guy behind Alluvian (Organic Handmade Soap). Randon and I bought a bar of the sea salt soap and honestly you guys, my skin hasn't felt softer in a long time.

Photo Credit: Maris Mednis
Photo Credit: John Cowan
Photo Credit: Maris Mednis
Photo Credit: Maris Mednis

Thanks to everyone who showed their support at #BetterBlock #Peoria. It was a great day!